Employment Injury

Employment Injury Benefits are awarded to an insured person who is unable to work because of a work related accident or a prescribed disease. Employment Injury has 5 branches:

Injury Benefit  |  Medical Expenses  | Disablement Benefit  |  Funeral Grant  | Death Benefit


* Injury Benefit is paid weekly to an employed person who is unable to work because of an employment accident or disease.
* The rate of Injury Benefit is 75% of the average weekly insurable earnings. Injury Benefit is paid for a period of up to 26 weeks providing the injury continues.

To claim for Injury Benefit:

* Report the accident to your employer or someone in authority as soon as possible. (Your employer will be required to verify employment injury by completing an (Accident Report Form).
* Seek medical treatment.(Have your doctor complete the Medical Certificate which is on the reverse of the Benefit Claim Form).
* Complete and submit the Benefit Claim Form to the Social Security office within 30 days of the date of the injury or development of the disease.

A claim for Injury Benefit must be filed within 30 days of the date of the injury, or development of the disease. 


You are entitled to the refund of medical expenses reasonably incurred in the treatment of an employment injury or disease. Refunds are made for:

* Medical, surgical, dental and hospital treatment, skilled nursing services, and the supply of medicines; .
* The supply, fitting, maintenance, repair and renewal of artificial limbs.
* The reasonable cost of traveling for the purpose of obtaining any of the above.


Original bills and/or receipts must be submitted to the Social Security Board in order to receive a refund.

A claim for medical expenses within 3 months of the date the expenses were incurred.


Disablement Benefit is awarded to an insured person who as a result of an injury or disease suffers a permanent loss of faculty. Disablement Benefit is payable in the form of a Pension or Grant.

Pension: Disablement assessed at 30% or more Grant: Disablement assessed at less than 30%

A claim for Disability Benefit must be filed within 3 months of the date the claimant became entitled.


A funeral grant is awarded to the person who has met or is liable to meet the cost of the funeral of the employed person whose death was due to the personal injury caused by an accident arising out of or in the course of employment, or a disease due to the nature of employment.

A claim for Funeral Grant must be filed within 6 months of the date of death of the deceased.


Death Benefit is awarded to the surviving dependant(s) of an employed person whose death was due to an employment injury or disease.  These dependants are:

* Widow*
* Widower*
* Children (up to 15 years and if in full-time education under the age of 21 years)
* Invalid Children (for as long as the invalidity continues)
* Any other person who has been wholly or in part dependent on the deceased

*husband and wife or a single man living with a single woman in the same household for at least 3 years (proof is required).

The rate of Death Benefit to survivors is 75% of the average weekly earnings of the deceased and is allocated as follows.

* Widow/Widower………………………(½ of the death benefit)
* Children…………………………………(1/6 of the death benefit available for payment to each child)
* Person wholly maintained……………(up to ½ of the maximum death benefit)

Death Benefit will cease if the widow or widower re-marries or cohabits.

A claim for Death Benefit must be filed within 3 months after the death.

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