Invalidity Benefit is payable in the form of a Pension or a Grant.

How to qualify for an Invalidity Pension?

* Be permanently unable to work.
* Have been unable to work for 6 months.
* Have paid at least 250 contributions. (5  years)
* Under the age of 65.

What is the rate of an Invalidity Pension?

The  Rate of Invalidity Pension is 30% of your average annual insurable earnings, for the first 500 contributions plus 1% for each additional 50 contributions.

How long will Invalidity Pension be paid?

Invalidity pension is paid for as long as you remain permanently unable to work, or until you reach the age of 65 when you will receive an age pension.

InvalidityWhat is an Invalidity Grant?

An Invalidity Grant is a lump sum (one-time) payment equal to six times the average weekly insurable earnings multiplied by the number of 50 complete contribution weeks of insurable employment.

How to qualify for Invalidity Grant?

To qualify for an Invalidity Grant you must:

(1) Be permanently unable to work

(2) Have been unable to work for 6 months

(3) Have paid at least 50 contributions (1year)

(4) Under the age of 65

Invalidity and Survivor’s benefits can be paid concurrently


Note – If you qualify for an Invalidity benefit, and you are in receipt of / or qualify for a Survivor’s benefit you will receive the Invalidity benefit and half of the Survivor’s benefit.

How to claim for Invalidity Benefit?

* Have your doctor complete the Medical Certificate certifying that you are permanently unable to work.

* You complete the Invalidity Benefit Claim Form, which is on the reverse of the Medical Certificate.

*You then submit the Claim Form to the Social Security office within 3 months from the day you were permanently unable to work.


A person receiving an Invaldiity Pension must submit a Social Security Invalidity Certificate, at intervals of 6 months, along with medical evidence to certify that the incapacit still exist.

Qualified insured persons will received Invalidity Benefit where ever in the world they are.

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