Maternity Benefit is paid to a woman who is off from work due to her pregnancy or who has given birth.

Maternity Benefit consists of:

(1) An Allowance and/or

(2) Grant (s)

MATERNITY ALLOWANCE is paid to a woman, for up to 13 weeks, while she is off work immediately before and after her confinement.

To qualify for Maternity Allowance the woman must:

(1) have been insured for at least 26 weeks (6 months) and

(2) have contributed for at least 20 out of the 39 contribution weeks immediately before the baby is due.

The Rate of Maternity Allowance is 66 2/3% of the average insurable earnings in the 39 contribution weeks.

A MATERNITY GRANT(S) is a one-time payment to assist with the general expenses of having a baby. It is paid to the woman if either she and/or the qualifying father* has paid 26 weeks of contributions.


(1) $300.00 on the strength of the mother and/ or

(2) $300.00 on the strength of the qualifying father*

*A qualifying father is the husband or a single man living in the same household with a single woman for at least 2 years (Proof is required).


Submit the:

(1) Medical Certificate of Expected Confinement (once the woman has stopped working, the doctor will fill out the form).

(2) Certificate of Confinement (once the baby is born the doctor will fill out the form).

(3) Maternity Expense Form (necessary only if the birth took place at Peebles Hospital)

(4) Submit the Claim Forms to the Social Security office not earlier than 6 weeks before the expected delivery date but not later than 4 weeks after the delivery.


Maternity Allowance will cease if the woman returns to work before the end of the 13 weeks benefit period. Even if the woman is not entitled to Maternity Allowance, she will be entitled to a Maternity Grant if she and/or the qualifying father has paid at least 26 contributions (6 months).


Claim for Maternity Benefit no earlier than 6 weeks before the expected delivery date but not later than 4 weeks after the delivery. Insured persons who have met the qualifying contribution conditions will receive Maternity Benefit wherever in the world they are.

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